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Do You Hear Them…





Words are knocking at the Windows of my soul.

Whispering ever so softly… rattling my proverbial cage

Pressing through trying as they may, they take their first long breaths.

It seems like a lifetime has passed since they had a voice.

A lifetime since they have managed to peek out of their darkness.

I hear them as they beacon to me.

Come, Play, Write..

It is safe now.

Come out and play in the Elysian fields with me.

I, We, They have won.

Conquered the silent darkness that so often plagues me.

Slayed it like a good dragon should be slayed.

St. George would be so proud of me.

I am followed now by crusaders of words lost and now found.

Adorned with a crown of Euphemisms, Allegory, Allusion and Metaphor.

Proudly I set them free..

Let their voices ring and echo, ebb and flow.

Clanging and clattering about like a thousand wind chimes.

Do you hear them…

Windborne like a thousand tiny dandelion seeds.

They dance around my mind.. gathering in clusters and colonies.

Finally Words take shape and pour-out, simply laid, falling right into place.


Transforming the World Through Love

Submitted to Promising Poets Parking Lot for Thursday Poets Rally Week 47


Transforming the World Through Love

I was washed away with glory.

My vision crystal clear

No more lies or stories,

that will take place here..

Perception is not the final word;

I have been so wrong.

Now that I can see this

Please, let me sing my song.


My heart is filled  with ardent joy

for love and life abound.

The diamond reflected facet of hope

is dancing all around

Let me share with you my dreams

so that you can see them too.

Then you will give to those you love,

like I have given to you.




What are you doing there?

I can see you…

I want to be just like you.

All ever important…

With your head bent in careful concentration.

Watching your every move

I am your mirror.

Watching you, watching me grow.

Precious love shared…ardent admiration

Little hands, helping, Big Hands showing

Generations; Solid bonds of gold.


(Picture is of Brad and Mathius- my Step son and Step Grandson)

Let me enlighten thee of spring



I cry to your hearts,

you poetic prophets

Hear me sing of morning rain

Let me dwell on dew of roses

Let me enlighten thee of spring


It has blossomed in the morning

Bluebonnets strewn across the yard

Yellow Black-eyed Susan’s sing

Their Morning Glories home.


The little plants that have been watered

peek their heads above the soil

To take a look at the sunshine

That e’er encourages them to grow.


The tomato plants are almost ready

To be buried in the ground

Where they can grow unhurried

With sweet ripe fruits abound


So let me sing to you of sunshine

The warmth I feel upon my arms

Till the summers heat begets us

And rain is few to come


I am enlightened by the magic

And wonders that it brings.

Let us all sing of Sunshine

Let us all sing of spring.

I am in awe of…

I am in awe of…

Spider-like tendrils

Seeking out dark spaces, illume

Nighttime wonderment

I fear….

Forces to be reckoned

Unleashed power seconds alive

Earths bewilderment

I find solace..

Cool air washes earth

Storms power unleashed elsewhere

Heightened senses calmed


Thank you for this award:

Perfect Poet Award Poet Thursday Poets Rally Week 42

I nominate Tweety Phoenix

Kate Blackwell’s “You Won’t Remember This” Discussion


My favorite scene in this story was “The Fly” This scene summarized the main characters life before the story was being told.


This scene was awesome – it summarized the inner feelings of the expectant mother and how she was trapped in her white (boring) life and how her her life to that point had been clinical and had no warmth or real attachments.. she moved like a well programmed computer prior to —life invading into her territory, The death of the fly was needed for her to really mourn who she was and so she could move forward to where she ended up when the baby came.