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Say goodbye to the Opal City!!

Ok.. Here is one for my poetic friends that may be a bit “geek” on the inside too.. This was just for fun..

Say goodbye to the Opal City!!

The Phantom Lady screeched to him in vain

As he watched her reveal her dastardly plot

Port O’Souls, would be no more…

Where was the famous conqueror?

Where the hell was Ted Knight, Starman today?

Would the fates besiege the Opal City?

Turn her on her head and let out her steam.

Prophecies of the Destroyer, “Zero Hour: Crisis in Time”

Mutant Gavyn converted into pure energy

“The Day before the Day to Come
Ted Knight wields his cosmically-powered staf
“A Hero Once …Despite Himself”


Windows Live Writer– My new friend

As I told some of you in class today.. I found a download that allows me to blog and post to my blog with out actually visiting the site.. It is called “Windows Live Writer” You can download and install that from this link here..

Once you install that Click “Get plug-in’s online” and you will be taken to a plethora of plug ins, the one I like the most is called.. “Code Prettify Plugin” this allows me to move my words all over the page and now just right, left or middle justified.. Anything you can do in word, can be copied into your Word-press posts..

Live writer also supports other blog types so you can publish to multiple blogs on multiple blog sites all from the same post..reduces replication..



Hyperbole’s & Allusions

A Hyperbole is an exaggeration used to create strong emotions. This type of figure of speech is used often Governments in propaganda.


An example of a Hyperbole is: We cannot wait for another 911 to happen, we must act now to ….!

“She moved slowly down the street dragging the bag that looked like it weighed a ton”

“I laughed so hard I nearly split my pants”


An Allusion: A passing or casual reference to something or someone.. an allusion can create ideas, associations, and extra information in the reader’s mind with only a word or two.

An example of Allusion:


“After her divorce proceedings, she stood tall and proud like “Tara” after the fire.”

“The dicey argument I witnessed between the two lovers reminded me of a Williams play.”


A Personification is a metaphor where the author gives something that is inanimate such as things, colors, qualities, and ideas; human qualities. Qualities such as feelings, actions, or characteristics or thoughts.


The Wind rushed passed me as late for a date with autumn.

Time stood still as the clock had grown bored with its own monotonous rhythm.

The wind blowing off the refreshing cool river was teasing me with a glimmer of relief beaconing me to jump in.

Similar and confusing “Figures of Speech” Part 2

A Metaphor is a figure of speech that uses one thing to mean another and makes a comparison between the two

A sentence with an example of a Metaphor is:

“The fierce wind bent the Tree to the earth as if it were made of licorice”

A Simile is a type of metaphor; a simile compares two different things in order to create a new meaning.

A sentence with an example of a Simile is:

“The Patriots were strong as a wall as they held the 20 yard line.” In this sentence “Strong, as a Wall” is the simile, meaning “Unmovable”

An Analogy shows how two different things are similar; an analogy is more like logical argument.

A sentence where an Analogy is used:

“A sunset is like a Puff of Smoke; it is here one minute and gone the next.”

Similar and confusing “Figures of Speech” Part 1

Synecdoche is a figure of speech where part of something names the whole;

A sentence with an example of a Synecdoche is:

“He led 50 Head down the dusty trail.” Standing for 50 Head of Cattle.

A Metonymy is a figure of speech where one thing or concept is not called by its own name.

A sentence with an example of a Metonymy is:

Will you please approach the Bench? In this sentence “Bench” is used as a substitute for (The Judge).


Metonymy may also be compared to a Metaphor. Both involve the substitution of one thing for another. In metaphor, the substitution is based on some similarity, where, in metonymy, the substitution is based on an understood association.

Example of Edited posts email notice

An example of the emails sent to me from WordPress showing my edits.. I love the color coding.

Wordpress Edits email -- I love the way that it is color coded for the changes you made