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In God’s name I Pray…


This damn Blinking cursor is just staring at my vacuum mind…

Where are my thoughts..

They are silent..

Events are just dragging me through life..

This empty shell of me.

What was inside has moved on and is protecting itself.

I am just reacting to all of the events that are passing me by..

He calls me strong..

It is just not all sinking in, I think.

More events and craziness..

How much more can I take..

Tough love.. is this what this is..

Oh I think I am about to break..

More doctors and more meds…

more phone calls,

I am distraught..

Disgusted and sickened..

and so scared

Why is she just throwing it all away..

Starting to drag me down..

Affect my performance

No More..

Why can’t you just say no more

Can’t you hear me

I am screaming your name

Telling you I love you..

Please stop and listen…

Just turn your head

Change the direction

You are going..

stop hurting yourself..

my precious child..

In God’s name

I Pray…


Windows Live Writer– My new friend

As I told some of you in class today.. I found a download that allows me to blog and post to my blog with out actually visiting the site.. It is called “Windows Live Writer” You can download and install that from this link here..

Once you install that Click “Get plug-in’s online” and you will be taken to a plethora of plug ins, the one I like the most is called.. “Code Prettify Plugin” this allows me to move my words all over the page and now just right, left or middle justified.. Anything you can do in word, can be copied into your Word-press posts..

Live writer also supports other blog types so you can publish to multiple blogs on multiple blog sites all from the same post..reduces replication..