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Page 185 Exercise 2

The purpose of this exercise is to take four descriptions of the same place and use different emotions or tone,  Nostalgia, Torment, Mystery & Humor.




I felt that pang of anticipation welling up in my chest as the car labored up the steep hill. I could hear the old transmission start to whine… I told myself and the cherry red GTO and patted the dash “Soon we will be home” and thought to myself and the, “soon my poor weary travelling friend we can rest” I let out a sigh as the lights of my desert home came into view. I always loved the view from the Organ Mountain pass just past Aguirre Springs looking down into the sea of lights that seemed to fill the night. Hope welled in my soul and I knew healing could begin.


As I passed the city limits sign, I remembered why I was coming back. The sea of lights seemed to engulf the entire desert floor and I could feel myself getting smaller and smaller. The GTO’s transmission seemed to echo my torment of going back to where I grew up. My heart sunk in my chest as the car seemed to traverse by itself down into the mouth of valley. I screamed to no one… “How could you do this, you know I never wanted to come back here.”


Unsolicited, I received the invitation to attend the charity event that was being held in tribute of a young victim of a bully. The invitation had come hand addressed without a return name. Who could possibly want me to be here, not after how I treated all of the misfits in my class. As I topped the mountain pass, every light seemed like a spotlight shining on me and pointing out that I was back. I wanted to hide behind the nearest rock. Then I remembered how I had changed and I wanted so desperately to let all those who judged me to see me differently. Just then my cell phone rings, I have not told anyone I am coming. I answer it skeptically. A voice I know I have heard before asks me if my trip was smooth and welcomed me back into the city of lights… then the line quickly went dead. I quickly scan out into the black night wondering who is watching me.


Just as we topped the hill and the lights of the city lit up the sky. Instantly I remember something that made me laugh to myself. You ask what I was laughing at. I told you I was laughing at the night we snuck out of the house and walked down town. I reminded you, of How my kid brother had warned me he that he would wake my parents if I did not take him with me. I asked you if you remembered how he whined and whined about his feet the whole time. I remembered how we cut up and made fun of him and his opportunistic attempt at blackmail. I kept laughing as I remembered the rest of the story “Then as you tried to sneak me back in, you stepped on the exposed sprinkler in my backyard and water started spewing straight up in the air.” I chuckled to you as we drove up rapidly down into the valley we grew up in.