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More about me..

Ideas swim inside my head and take root and are even created. Over and over this process happens.. I have always completed poetry.. but I have tons of stories that never find their ending.  I dont know if I loose interest in my story or if I just loose the way to find the end. I would love help with this when you critique my work.. that is what I an needing help with.. understanding if I lost interest in my story or am I just struggling with writers block. Now I bet you are wondering how you are supposed to know the answers to that for me.. you wont.. I am hoping for well guided criticism that will help me plow through my half “undones”..


“Who am I?”

Hello you, — Yes you!!— The one who is here reading about me.

My Name is Jen

This is my spot… a place that I can share all of my Ramblings and Musings with you.

I would like to officially welcome you to my Blog!

I have been writing creatively since I was in High School. I had a teacher in 11th grade, her name was Mrs. White. Mrs. Glenda White believed in my writing ability. I owe  Her, much of my love for the narrative creativity to her and her beliefs of me.

I mostly write Poetry. It is a way for me to show you my soul and for you to really get to know me.  I have always felt writing comes to you through a window. When that window is open the likeness of your soul  flows out like water and other times I think the window closes and no matter how hard you try,  the writing is much more mechanical and not from the soul.

In class, it was said that writing is much like a muscle and that it needs to be worked out and often, to remain functional. I hope this is true because I find myself worth in my creations.  Everyone that knows me knows that I could use much more bolstering in that area.

I guess you would like to know a little about me, if I am going to keep you coming back to read my rambling and sometimes jumbled thoughts.

I was born in Illinois in 1969. I was born to a young couple who were raised in Rural Southern Illinois. I have one brother, and my parents are still living and together.

I moved around a lot while I was growing up, My Dad was high up in City Government and anytime he wanted to “Move up” we had to move.. There is really only one Planning director, City Manager, Special Projects coordinator for a City.  So we moved, I lived in seven different states by the time I made it to High School.

We moved to New Mexico when I was 14. I love and miss my desert home.  I miss it just enough to go visit and realize how brown and backwards the city of Las Cruces really is. We used to call it “Lost Causes” that was those of us that wanted to get out as soon as we could when we grew up.

All of my friends also scattered right after high school. Then my parents moved away to another state first, then back to New Mexico. When they moved back, they moved to a different part of the state.  There are a few friends still there, only a few who will always be there, but some that are still dying to get out.  I miss the culture and the food. I miss all of my friends.

Through self analysis and introspect, I think I long for life when it was not so responsible, or structured. I long for a life when it was easy to make friends.  Maybe I do not trust or seek new friendships any longer.  I find it hard to find and make friends as an adult.

This lost seeking feeling was further compounded when my company chose to close the doors of our “Physical location” We are still employees, but work from our own space.  This is not all its cracked up to be.. I missed people so badly, I decided to come back to school and get my degree.

I invite you on this journey into my psyche with me. Who knows what we will find or accomplish.  I so am excited to share my thoughts and feelings and hope that my often mundane life is not too much of a bore.  So Once again, I welcome you to my ramblings and musings..

Thank you.. for being here with me, it means the world to me.