So Comes the Long and Lonely Night

Writing Challenge for Isa..


Man reading by grave in cemetery



As she lie dying he lovingly took her side, once again he read to her,
as he had so many times before.
He was her eyes, he was her life, she was his soul.
As the tears blurred his eyes he strained to read the passages on the page.
Although, he knew the words by heart… somehow today these had been erased.


He allowed his mind to wander back to that day, when her smile first lit up his world.
A tragic accident that took her sight, he was the tutor simply hired.
There she was, laughing and smiling out on the pier
Her auburn hair blowing and whipping around her face
The smell so strong of saltwater taffy was quick on his tongue, playing tricks with his mind.
This first memory of her was forever set in time.


First they found trust, then courtship, then lovers they became.
Then college, marriage and children of their own.
A lifetime of love they continued to build, Solid as pillars made of stone.


Endless they loved for years on end, he saw to her every need.
And every night he would read to her..
Of beautiful places, she’d never been or had been too young to have seen.
He would read to her passages from her favorite books.
Stories of Endless Love, Castles, and of Places by the Sea.
Night after night, she would listen to him and slowly drift away to sleep.
Till the gray took her hair and time took his gait,
They would end every day like today.


All was well till she fell desperately ill and slowly withered away.
As he watched the life flow in and out of her lungs, as she labored and struggled to breathe.


Her last exhale escaped.. it seemed to be trapped in time.

Yet he continued to Read.

He stammered to read the last line in the book, he tried with all his might


“So comes the long and lonely night” was whispered on the breeze..


2 responses to “So Comes the Long and Lonely Night

  1. OMG … what a love story!! Awesome ~~ Thank you for sharing! 😀

    • Thank you So much Becca, My friend on Facebook posted a writing or visual art challenge for the last line ” So comes the long and lonely night”.

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