Helpless and Parenting

a walk alone 2

Excuse sir, me have you seen my little girl

She was bright and so full light

Now she shines with such a dull pain

How I wish I could catch and sooth her rain..

Hold her tight, help her find her will again

She was once filled with awe and wonder

where has she gone.. How do I find her.

I am so scared and so alone in this plight.

Naked feelings run rampant in my mind

I am angry and in so much pain..

I know I push and prod her and she runs again.

Back to the comfort of her darkness.

I need a comfort but cannot find it.

Helpless and Parenting..

Excuse me Sir,  How do I end this..


6 responses to “Helpless and Parenting

  1. Jenn – I have been away for nearly a month, and trying to catch up on my favorite sites. I am sorry you are bearing the pain and confusion of trying to reach out to someone you love who is dealing with depression. I know it is frustrating and frightening to you both. I wish I could provide an easy answer or helpful hint. But I will offer remembrance in prayer.

  2. Jenn – I hope all is well with you!! Miss your writing ~~

  3. Sorry you are having such a tough time, Jenni. ‘Helpless and Parenting” – been there. So many of us have. Totally relate and can tell you that like all things, such times come to an end.

    Be well …

    • Jamie,

      Thanks for Visiting and subscribing. She is an “adult” child which makes it all the harder to deal with. She will soon grow up, I hope.. right now she is making her own challenges.

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