The Art of Writing

This entry is submitted by me for Thursday Poets Rally Week 46!

The Art of Writing

A writer

weaves their soul

thread by thread

yarn by yarn

into art.

A writer does not just

show you

they take you

on a splendid journey with them

you see,



and feel

what we want you to

not by accident

It is intentional.

Like the Painter

Raw emotions

spill out on the canvas,

As much Art

as a photo,

a drawing

or a piece of clay.

We have given birth to a child–

We have carved out

parts of ourselves

placed them in the public eye

Allowed to be criticized

and torn apart.

As early as Horace,

critics with only visual skills

fail to see the value

in the art of words

— for shame…

A writer can dissect

any painters message

and give it new

life… with



46 responses to “The Art of Writing

  1. Very well said! True feelings! I like the new life given by new words!

  2. True art comes from the soul of every human being, and it’s beautiful in every way. I could not agree more.

  3. Beautiful composition!

  4. Yes indeed. We writers go through a whole gammut of deepest emotions and then share them with everyone. Isn’t it wonderful to write! 🙂
    Thanks for visint me and the lovely comment.

    • You are welcome –I love the Thursdays rally’s I wrote this in response to my friend who is a visual artist.. IN play telling me I was not an artist. I was a writer.
      Thank you too for reading.

  5. You hit the nail on the head with this! Repeatedly! Good one!

  6. Your writing is of the “Goosebumps” kind
    Thank you

  7. You’ve captured the heart of a writer….

    • Thank you Patricia..Your comments are always welcome.. Notice I added a link to you from my main page. I am just so awful busy with School and need to get out and read more..


  8. Most people can see. It takes a very special talent though, to write and describe what is seen, or create that which is unseen, and give it life. You have done both beautifully, thanks!

  9. it is amazing to read you.

    unbeatable composition.


  10. poems about art are always hard to right. you have good word economy.

  11. Gorgeous I love those last lines! I also love how you said we carve out pieces of ourselves that’s very much how I feel when I create especially perhaps because I tend to write about such dark vulnerable topics. I greatly enjoyed this!

  12. Impressive! You truly captured the writers spirit!

  13. So true. Words are the most powerful art, for they can be kept the easiest, immortalised. Great poem, captured the essence of writing wonderfully.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  14. I loved reading this, never a truer word written!

    A x

  15. Your poem feels so right! I relate tremendously. The importance of words and feelings! It takes me not only to my Rally poem but also to the next I’ll post. Really nice job!

  16. Being a writer is an amazing thing isn’t it? Love what you wrote, beautiful words depicting a writer’s art.

  17. A poet is similar to an artist, sharing the soul and thoughts. A picture tells a thousand words,do you agree?

  18. ooh i like this a whole lot.
    and its so true, too.
    and i thank you for your comment.
    ill do my best to not go behind my wall.

  19. And how great creation is 🙂

  20. “… A writer does not just
    show you
    they take you
    on a splendid journey with them …”

    This is a pearl … I tried to leave a comment a few hours ago – but “it” wouldn’t let me ;-(! So I wanted to be sure to stop by again, before my brain forgets! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  21. Thank you Becca.. Must have been the Internet pixies….

  22. Wonderful. I can really relate to this !

    • Isabelle

      I knew it immediately when I visited your Blog yesterday. When I read your Ars Poetica I knew you could… I knew right then that you and I had done the exact research.. Must have been something in the air that took me to that reading from Horace and of Archibald MacLeish ..

      Thanks so much for reading..

      Your comments are welcome always..– You are so wise beyond your years..

      Cheers- Jen

  23. expressing how somethings expressed 🙂 i enjoyed reading alot.

  24. Truth here. Well done … We do give new life, birth new ideas and insights.

    I’m not entirely sure I’ve visited your site before, Jenni. Nice work – photos and poems – Enjoyed.

    Poem on …

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