Little Blue Buttons

Porpita porpita

Porpita porpita

Stars of the Sea

Little Blue Buttons, 

Passive drifter

feeding on

the living,

feeding on

the dead

colony of venom

snowflake of pain


4 responses to “Little Blue Buttons

  1. What a beautiful creature. Would have never thought to write poetry about creatures of the sea, perhaps because I write about floresta beings. 🙂 I used to love to draw sea microscopic creatures. They are so strange looking, some like this one, hauntingly beautiful, some scary looking! Great blog and poetry. Thanks! hugs, pat

    • I found this one by this neat add on for Firefox called “stumble upon” you install it then –tell it what your preferences are, then click to “stumble” and it just sends random themed sites to you.. and you either like or dislike them.. and it trains it more..of what you like and don’t like.. I found these neat critters and and felt they needed more tribute than their lovely pictures could do justice of them..

  2. Stunning!! Thank you for sharing!!

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