I am in awe of…

I am in awe of…

Spider-like tendrils

Seeking out dark spaces, illume

Nighttime wonderment

I fear….

Forces to be reckoned

Unleashed power seconds alive

Earths bewilderment

I find solace..

Cool air washes earth

Storms power unleashed elsewhere

Heightened senses calmed


Thank you for this award:

Perfect Poet Award Poet Thursday Poets Rally Week 42

I nominate Tweety Phoenix


16 responses to “I am in awe of…

  1. love the imagery.


    the perfect poet award for you, please visit me to claim it.


  2. I am humbled.. thank you for selecting me for this Award..

  3. great!

    Thanks for the acceptance and nomination!

  4. beautifully done and congrats for the award!!

  5. Congrats on your Award ~~ you deserve all the accolades!

  6. Thank you ever so much Becca..you really are the sweetest..

  7. Infigo904@yahoo.com

    What a nice website you have!


  8. I love this haiku compilation. Great imagery and wonderful flow

    • Thank you Scott.. I was so ecstatic to actually capture lightning with my lens..had to make it into a Penned event..

      Glad you found my site.. welcome and thanks for reading..

      Cheers– Jen

  9. Excellent! The poem and the picture are stunning!

  10. Wow – I love this piece – such amazing pictures and imagery!

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