Journal Write – What irks, pleases, or perplexes me?

I have a long list of things that irk me. By the way I love that word Irk, It is one of my favorite words that describes my displeasure at things in my surroundings.

I cannot stand when people drive badly around me.  Don’t tail gate me, don’t cut me off and don’t impose your own “self righteousness” on me, on the road.  The last one is one of my worst pet-peeve ever..

Those who think they are better than others..  If the lane you need to get in starts to back up.. what should you do. Get in it.. Do not stay in the lane you are in,  till well past where you should have normally merged, just to think  I will let you cut in front of me. Oh, This one makes my skin crawl.  I will ignore you.. or on less than rare occasion, you will hear my horn and see my tongue.


Don’t tail-gate me.. I will slow down, till I am just even with the car you are haphazardly  trying to get around… and if that car next to me then gets a clue and starts to increase their speed. I will increase mine too. You will be stuck behind me until you decide to back off and drive a comfortable distance from me.


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