Homework pp. 220, Blackwell’s “You Won’t Remember This”

In the Story Blackwell’s You wont Remember this the following scenes and Summaries are listed:

1.  Sitting in the Garden #1 (Flashback of the foreshadowing of the meaning behind this story—watching the white butterfly.

2. Exposition about when she first found out she was pregnant.

3. Tired at work.

4. Sitting in the Garden #2. Flashback

5. Summary dialogue about finding Angelina’s bassinet.

6. The Fly..

7. The Sensory walk.. noticed everything for the first time.

8. The Old Boyfriend.. another pointer to the void she had been.. (although that is what she feels she is now).

8. Summary about how she feels.

9. The Garden #3 “Present Tense” but all during the flash back.

10. The conversation.. the expectant mothers state of shock after her sensory overload listening to her mother and husband talk about her like she was not even there.

11. Dinner.

12. Summary of dinner.

13. In the garden # 4.. (Transition her sanctuary)

14. Labor.

15. Leaving the Garden/The hospital.

16. The baby is here—disbelief sudden shock.

17. Nursing..with change comes pain..

18. Rest—The Beige Room.. shedding of the White..

19. Nursing, Joyus embrace of the new life.

20. The mere memory of the conversation.. about not remembering the pain..


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