Characterization traits for the main character: “As I followed the Sun”


Name: Sidney Eugene Cooper

Date of Birth, May 6th 1965.

Current Date: September 1982

Place of Birth: Cherry Creek, Colorado.

Parents: Conrad and Margaret Cooper

Sydney’s name came from Margaret’s Grandfather Sidney Eugene Copeland, Real Estate Tycoon in the 1900’s.

Sidney’s father: Conrad E. Cooper Industrial Lawyer Involved in corporate take over’s born in White Plains, NY

Sidney’s Mother Margaret Elise Copeland, Born in Boston, MA.

Sidney’s parents met each other in 1958 while on spring break retreat at Bar Harbor, ME

Sidney’s mother was studying at Cambridge

Sidney’s father was studying law at Stanford.

A run away

Raised Presbyterian

No siblings

Sidney stands 5’7” and weighs 140 lb’s

He has a slight bump on his nose that he does not like about himself

His hair is a dirty blond that gets more golden as he works in the sun.

His eyes hazel that change in the light and with his emotions

He has a slight stutter when he is nervous.

His moves are unsure until he learns what he is doing

He is watchful and quiet around superiors

He is lively and talkative with his friends.

His eyes glint when he smiles

His whole body laughs when a joke is told

He works hard

His hand callous easy

His skin turns reddish brown in the sun

He whittles as a past time small characters that he presents as presents to the children in the Colonia’s

Sidney and Miguel play Gin Rummy and Dominos for at night


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