As I followed the Sun, Character traits, The family Zapata part 2


Blue eyed, hard working, Responsible, Callused hands, Walks with a gait. Speaks in Spanish with some broken English. 5’9” 170 lbs, Red rimmed eyes. Wavy hair. Traditional, Catholic, Fatherly, Missing ½ of his left thumb. Knows how to read Spanish


Cleaver, Witty, Prankster, Good at Math, Speaks in only English, with a few broken Spanish words, wavy hair

Daniel, Alcoholic, Irresponsible, Clumsy, Slightly Jaundiced, Dirty Nails, and Wears his pants tucked in his boots, 5’10” 195 lbs., Untrustworthy, Constantly oily hair, Uneducated.


Jovial, Enjoys a good joke, 5’10” 158 lbs., Long eyelashes, Straight fine hair, Hard working but lacking skills. Bad with Money, Gambling, Muscular, Honest, Cleaver, Likes to read, dimples, and Burns all he tries to cook.


5’7” 120 lbs., Shy, fair of face, Dainty but has the start of womanly curves, Blue eyes, Long Eye lashes, Rosy cheeks, a slightly crooked smile, Smiles easy, dimples, a small waist, Motherly to Jessie and Miguel, is a good cook, Works as hard at whatever crop they are working on as the men do, Writes in a journal, Never been kissed, Devout catholic,


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