Did I give her all the things she needs?

Did I give her all the things she needs?

Did I give her all the strength to fly?image

To love, to laugh, to live, to cry

Did I give her all the things she needs? image

To earn, to respect, to fight, to be free

Did I teach her well, did I do it right?

Who knows for sure, I gave all my might.

Common sense tells me she’ll be alright.

Did I give her all the needed time?

To be young, to grow up, to have her own mind

Did I know it would go so crazy fast?

From birth to adult seems like a fleeting glimpse

Did I know what a gift she’d bring?   image

To my soul, my daughter gives me wings

100_0421Did I know I would gain a friend?

A diamond that is hard to find  

13 responses to “Did I give her all the things she needs?

  1. This is definitely a beautiful poem, beautiful photos, and a beautiful daughter.
    Best wishes,
    CR Moore

  2. Nice and I really like the adding of the pictures. Thanks

  3. Your daughter is stunning. What a beautiful poem about your relationship with her and the questions we all ask as mothers! hugs, pat

    • Thank you Pat, I am keeping this blog currently for a class, but have been writing for a while, just not doing much with it.. thank you for reading.

  4. What a lovely tribute to your daughter … and the goal of motherhood …

    Assignment for class – a blog? Very interesting … wish I had such fun activities when I was in school … 😉 Enjoy spring break! ~becca

  5. you’re daughter’s beautiful. it’s a difficult road at times, but the joys are so worth it, aren’t they? my daughter’s my best friend now, too.

  6. Very beautifully said !!!

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  8. Nimue led me here, and so glad she did. As a mother of a daughter, I feel your pride in every word of this poem. And yes, there is self-doubt all along the way. Truth is, the wings she sprouts are uniquely hers. Whether the first pair is made of wax and she stumbles, or whether they are the ideal first pair that are made to last, either way, we all do our best.

    Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore
    And here is a poem about my Riley – quite different from your own experience, but showing that same love:

  9. really nice prats 🙂

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