To protect you from your thorns

I’ve watered and fed and loved your every change.

I’ve encouraged all of your growth with ardent amusement

in the uniqueness that is you.

I’ve watched you grow from a small seedling,

to a beautiful thriving budding plant.

I’ve shaped and molded you to be unique,

outstanding in all ways.

As I stand in awe of the beauty you’ve become,

the blooms on your heart are so complex so knowing and wise,

yet still very fragile and so easily bruised.

Your thorns may prick your essence;

I yearn to protect you and cant.

I’ve tried so hard to be your only need.

But as I stand in awe of the wild blooming garden you have become-

I realize that there is just some knowledge that cannot come

From a mothers loving hands.

Your need to seek outside the garden walls

that I have built so well,

has startled and scared me.

As I watch you outgrow,

the bed that I’ve prepared,

I also understand that I cannot

protect you from your thorns.

I can only make sure your roots are free

from the gnarled and tangled weeds

that threaten to choke you as you continue to bloom.

Please understand my goal is only to watch you become your rose.

As I fight myself to protect you from the bitter thorns

that threaten to destroy your essence

that I’ve come to know and love so well.


3 responses to “To protect you from your thorns

  1. beautifully written.

    • Thank you both of you.. my daughter is almost 21 now, but along the way she has seen more hurt in her life than a child should ever know and despite it all, she is strong and independent and wise..and still relevantly happy.

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