The Song Cried to me.. Tribute to Santana the Great

Europa- By Santana


“Europa   (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile)” – A tribute to Santana the Greatest storyteller of them all


He sees her standing in the rain

Lovely as the lotus flower picked like a common weed

He stops to ask her if he can take her home

She shrugs and politely tells him no

As she covers the shame in her face

He drives away and looks back just in time to see

Her crumple and fall to the ground and sob and cry a never ending sea…

He drives back and gets out of his car and places his arm around her.

The rain is no longer melting in to her skin like it was before…Drowning her

The city keeps walking by her and here is this flower, this crumpled maiden who’s lost any track of hope

Laying here on the ground crying her eyes out to a sun that does not come

He screams to the sky to rescue her, and the sky does not hear him.

He screams it over and over again to no one..To a God…just then the sky then stops it berating pelting pain down on her.

And her wounds are healed today if only, until the unrelenting rain finds her again and takes her to the place that her pain knows her so well.



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