Not feeling creative this week

Pretty Sure I know why, but I am just not feeling creative this week. I was supposed to have a skin scratch test (allergies) on Friday, to gear up for that I was off my Antihistamines since Sunday. Well by Sunday night I was in hives and welts..and itching all over, it would come and go and mostly come.. last night after class I had my husband take me to the ER.  Since I could not take any Antihistamines, because of the scratch test, and no steroids because of my diabetes, I was left with make me not care meds ….Off I came home with stuff that made me not care, but again this morning I Was in full blown hive, itching scratching attack.. I called the Allergist and said.. cancel the skin scratch test.. took all my antihistamines and slept till 4:00 PM this after noon.. So I will now just live with allergy’s till I am old..


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