A Cinquain

A cinquain is a five line poem.

The word comes from the French cinq,
which means five.

The best-known form of cinquain poetry was created in the early 1900s by
a poet named Adelaide Crapsey


Line 1- is a Noun and has one single word

Line 2- Consists of two adjectives that describe the first word.

Line 3- Consists of three words, action verbs that describe the first word

Line 4- Consists of 4 words and is comprised of feelings or a complete sentence that relates to line 1.

Line 5- Consists of one word that is a synonym of line 1 or sums it up.

My example:


Grandfathers Chair:


Weathered Worn

Touched by sun

Abuelo’s favorite rocking chair



One response to “A Cinquain

  1. Thank you for the education and intro to cinquain … I will have to try my hand at this … one of these days! 🙂 ~~ becca

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