To Hear a Different Voice

I want to hear a different voice recite my poems
The one inside my head doesn’t always get it right
I want a different style, one that is not always sing-song
I want to see the reflection of my soul in a different light
I need to learn to write again, to hear it differently
To Scat, To Rant, to rearrange in perfect mastery
If I could hear a different voice I could sing a different song
One that I could be proud of, far after the reviewers have gone.
To be able to write a Palindrome, a Villanelle or a Clerihew
This is something I would like to do
To Write in Monorhyme, or even a Haiku
Or even pull a Sonnet out of my Bonnet…
T’would be sure to fill my need
If I could find my different voice and apply it just so.
Oh the roads I could paint within my words
Oh the places I could go.
What an Epic tale it would be.


5 responses to “To Hear a Different Voice

  1. I like your use of anaphora.

  2. This is great! Thank you for your visit to my niche! My computer is sporadic – so I am behind on perusing! I’ll be back! ~becca

  3. THIS is just a lovely post…I really enjoyed your narrative ..well written..Eliza Keating

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