The embers of twilight Still linger on my mind,
Images cast gray shadows against my eyelids.
If I close them tightly I feel suddenly swept away.
Looking through a kaleidoscope of memories intertwined.
Swirls and shards and pieces of a time from yesterday
scattered like the dust with-in the light.


I remember fondly the moments in my mind

I remember just how they made me feel,

As I slowly allow them complete access to my waking thoughts

There is one of when I was only three
my grandfather and I upon his knee
His coffee in the morning at the sturdy kitchen table
He would sneak me cookies just below.
My mother never let on that she knew

Here comes the moment that I fell from the
Bleachers at the gym
I scraped my knee and had to go home

Along floats another glimpse
Of me and my first love
Sitting talking and staring eye to eye
In my ruffled wrinkled blue prom dress.
He crushed his hand against the flowers on my chest.
As he leaned in for the kiss.

My first delight of motherhood
this crying screaming bundle
placed upon my chest,
as I stared into the bright lights
and held her tightly….
I have never felt more alone.

If allow them to follow me
I drift and shift around a sea of emotion,
Then I wake to hear the sounds of the phone
Back to work, It almost time to go home.


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