Let me Enlighten Thee of spring

I cry to your hearts, you poetic prophets

Hear me sing of morning rain

Let me dwell on dew of roses

Let me enlighten thee of spring


It has blossomed in the morning

Bluebonnets strewn across the yard

Yellow Black-eyed Susans sing

Their Morning Glories home.


The little plants that have been watered

Peek their heads above the soil

To take a look at the sunshine

That e’er encourages them to grow.


The tomato plants are almost ready

To be buried in the ground

Where they can grow unhurried

With sweet ripe fruits abound


So let me sing to you of sunshine

The warmth I feel upon my arms

Till the summers heat begets us

And rain is few to come


I am enlightened by the magic

And wonders that it brings.

Let us all sing of Sunshine

Let us all sing of spring.


One response to “Let me Enlighten Thee of spring

  1. Loved this poem. You are very good.

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