“The Clown and the Rose”


Colors surround me All throughout the air

Childtime gayety Rhythm and prayer

I flounce about on clouds of gold

We are considered “The Clown and the Rose”


A shot of Darkness Flings through the air.

Leaps from “The Clown” And strikes “The Rose” Bare…

Now the makeup Is smeared and the petals as- tray.

Our masterpiece ruined as the paint drips away.

The canvas is shriveled and thrown on the ground.

The colors have faded The clouds have turned grey.

My Clown Doesn’t make me laugh this way.


2 responses to ““The Clown and the Rose”

  1. I love this poem! I like how you structured the poem as well; very creative! I like the picture that goes along with the poem gave me a nice visual.

  2. Loved this! Great job! I also like the visual of something fading, dripping away.

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