Hänsel und Gretel research.. Part 1

So I started researching to write my  Witches perspective piece.  I found a wonderful inspirational picture circa 1903 drawn by Ludwig Richter..


I also found there was a rendition of the story written from the witches perspective-written by Donna Jo Napoli. She has spent most of her career re-writing fairy tales. The name of her book is “The magic Circle”  her book tells the following story–” The unnamed witch was once a pious midwife and devoted mother cursed by demons into becoming a hideous witch with a hunger for human flesh. The witch willingly climbs into the oven, knowing Gretel will kill her, thus freeing her from the life she loathes.” ~ Wikipedia You can find her Biography here..

http://www.donnajonapoli.com/biography.html I hope o get to read her story, but I am not sure time will allow me to do so before this piece is due.


I also checked out a book at the TCC Library.. named  dramatized  Folk Tales of the world..  Edited by Sylvia Kamerman it contains 50 one act plays capturing the charm of Folk Art…

So I know I will have to write about Hansel’s Witch. Need to support my roots.. Ah the little Schnicklefritz I am..

Ich verfehle meinen geliebten Großvater und Großmutter. Ich weihe dieses Ihnen beide ein.



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