Plays and Skits…nuts and bolts..

I need suggestions for book of short plays that will motivate and inspire me…Looking for any suggestions…Never thought about writing a play before… got to gear up..

Also how to force myself to write in some other respect but in narrative first person.. cannot find that voice.. help need to find that voice..


3 responses to “Plays and Skits…nuts and bolts..

  1. I found several books on plays at the Library. Gonna study about plays maybe I can get some inspiration.

  2. i am reading August Wilson Plays, i am reading Seven Guitars and then Jitney. I love the way the scenes have to be set up and it really gives you a great simple blue print. Also go see a play. The novel I am writing outside of class I tell in the voice of a girl who was in a play, she was so powerful that my main character is spoken with her voice in my head. I go to the Jubilee downtown because the shows are cheap and really good performances and it will put you in a creative mood.

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