More about me..

Ideas swim inside my head and take root and are even created. Over and over this process happens.. I have always completed poetry.. but I have tons of stories that never find their ending.  I dont know if I loose interest in my story or if I just loose the way to find the end. I would love help with this when you critique my work.. that is what I an needing help with.. understanding if I lost interest in my story or am I just struggling with writers block. Now I bet you are wondering how you are supposed to know the answers to that for me.. you wont.. I am hoping for well guided criticism that will help me plow through my half “undones”..


3 responses to “More about me..

  1. such a familiar feeling. i wondered that too, do i shy away because i am afraid of finishing, or scared to finished, bored with it, wonder if anyone but me will like it…all critical concerns but don’t have to be…that is what this class is for, learning how to finish by just writing. at least that is what i need from it. you will do great.

  2. Jen, it’s nice to meet you. I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my post for details….. 🙂

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