Listening to the Cranberries

Another week of school is over..

With the breadth of the classes I am taking, I am really beginning to wonder when it is all going to take off.. Still no real homework yet.. except my Creative writing class.. which is really not due yet..and a little math..I did get to play a game in my C++ game.. kind of a how do we think game.. it was pretty fun.


Just relaxing tonight watched American Idol on DVR and then played around on Face-book for a little while..Listening to my friends posting of a Cranberries song. — Such a fool for you..Linger is the real name of it.. Such a haunting little ditty makes me go back and think of things and people and places I have not in a long while..

I started writing something.. I have an Idea.. but I think the story I started writing does not go along with that idea.. Kind of excited about the new story..I hope I can eventually come up with a story for the idea too..


~Peace to you all~







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