Tangerine Skies and Lace

So – I found my muse tonight on the other side of my Camera lens. I am taking classes at three different campuses this semester, This is a view from TCC’s Northwest campus. I took my camera tonight and was rewarded.

The Sky was painted in several gradients tonight.

It started with a deep navy then changed to sky blue then to a orange gray.. and it finally finished with a deep tangerine before it knelt down and kissed the ground. This picture was my favorite out of the ones that I took. It reminds me of an Oil painting. It looks like what a whisper would look like if it were drawn..

Here is one more of the sky

reflected on Marine Creek Lake… The trees are like lace framing the spectacular scene.

When I see a scene like this.. I am just in awe of natures ability…

Peace to you all..





This little bit  of description came to me and I had to add to this..


The virtual taste of Orange Sherbet burst from the night time sky.. and broke apart into bits then rain down on the glass still lake..


4 responses to “Tangerine Skies and Lace

  1. I swear you are just being modest when you say you are not a professional photographer. Your skill with a camera is exceptional.
    Your friend,

  2. Beatiful pictures and descriptions!

  3. “before it knelt down and kissed the ground”

    what a beautiful way to describe the sky. that was just delicious.

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