A repost — In The Silence of a Streetlight..


3 responses to “A repost — In The Silence of a Streetlight..

  1. The photo is very beautiful and it tells a story in and of itself. I am glad to see you are not waiting for the last minute to post your work. You may want to create a separate category for your photos so that your poems and stories will be appreciated for their beauty and creativity. When two pieces of art are apposed together in this way, the poem may tend to be overlooked for its on beauty. This is my opinion of course, but I think your work can definitely stand on its on!
    CR. Moore

    • Redonia,

      Thank you for your comments, I have labeled the section photo-musings, which are a combination of my photos and poems in the same work. The one I posted was a re-post from my Web-folio from last semester in Technical writing. I started with Photography about 3 Years ago.. I belong to several discussion groups for photography.. I get a lot of hints and ideas from watching the other members.. I really love it.. I only have a Point and Shoot — but a High end point and Shoot– (its a Panasonic Lumix) But I have dreams of a Big Girl Camera soon.. and actually taking real classes in Photography.

      Thank you for your comments..

  2. Hi Jen,
    I just wanted to tell you that I have been unable to get this photo and you poem off my mind. The poem so beautifully describes the photo, and the photo is absolutely wonderful. You said your “new love was photography,” but your photo looks professional! I must say, that I am truly impressed with your writing ability as well as your talent with the camera.

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