A day in the life of “Jen”

Today is Sunday, Usually my homework day.. Neither of my Kids get that this semester will be a hard one for me.. I am taking Two Programming languages and Algebra and Creative Writing.

My Son is 15 and quite mouthy,, and is ever so Self Serving..  I woke up this morning.. to him trying to ease his way into playing the new PlayStation even though he is grounded from it for failing to complete his Homework..  I will call him.. “The Gamer”

My Daughter is 20 and opinionated and going to school here at TCC to become a Nurse..  She wanted chocolate..and wanted to interject herself into my Line of sight — I guess feeling the need to pester her Mommy… What she calls me when she wants something.  I will call her “The Princess”

I also have a partner in this life, he and I have been together for 9 years in March we are not married.. just common law.. His name is Alan..


One response to “A day in the life of “Jen”

  1. Two things complete and today is only Sunday, I am impressed. Keep up the good work.
    CR Moore (Redonia)

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